Our Name is Our Mission

For years, our firm has stood with victims of military medical malpractice. Whether the mistakes are the result of carelessness or outright recklessness means little if they could have been prevented.

Today, the military community is facing a medical crisis.

As a law firm, we are passionate and devoted to helping those who have sacrificed for our nation by serving in its military. We do this in part by educating them on their rights and defending them from a military medical system riddled with problems and desperate for solutions.

It is this need that led us to develop this site for you as a resource for information about your rights after suffering a preventable medical error.

A System in Need of Our Attention

It is a sad fact that, instead of receiving the best medical care available, our military heroes often receive some of the most notoriously bad treatment. Frequently, we see incidents in which those seeking veteran health benefits earned through their service become victims of military medical malpractice.

For those members of our military who require lifelong, daily medical treatment, the risks are ongoing.

The VA system is in desperate need of repair. Facilities are understaffed and overworked by physicians who are often unprepared and unqualified.

Our Commitment to You

As a firm, our goal is to serve those who have served us by bridging the gap between the poor medical care our military often receives and the care and attention they deserve.

We know from working with members of the military community that there is a great need for information about their rights, should circumstances require they be exercised.

We hope you find this website to be a valuable tool in learning more about your rights moving forward after a preventable medical mistake through the VA medical system.

A Safer Tomorrow

It is our greatest hope that by holding the VA responsible for mistakes already made, we can ensure our military members enjoy a safer tomorrow – the kind of tomorrow for which they deserve.