Welcome to our new website

In my first post, I want to welcome you to our website. Thanks for looking to us for the answers to your questions when it counts. This website is a free resource to help you better understand your rights and remedies after experiencing medical negligence at a VA hospital or clinic.

After talking with our clients and members of our military community, we have come to learn that there is a real lack of reliable information regarding VA medical negligence and a patient’s rights after suffering a preventable injury.  So, as a firm, we put the pencil to paper and considered what information we might have that can help people looking for answers.

As a starting point, you can expect to find answers to three fundamental questions:

(1) What does medical negligence look like?

(2) What are my rights?

(3) How do I pursue a claim?

A Preview of What to Expect

We envision this website as an educational resource, raising awareness of VA medical negligence, at least initially. As we build the website, we hope to develop and add more interactive tools for use  ― features that are helpful when dealing with medical negligence. But we don’t just want to provide what we think you need; we want to provide you with what you're looking for. Therefore, we invite you to contact us with your suggestions and tell us what you need from this site.  Use the ‘contact us’ tab and let us know what direction you want this website to go.

In time, our ultimate goal is to create a community of individuals relying on this forum to locate and share information in their time of need. But our first step is to raise awareness of the issue, a goal that is aided with feedback from you.

I hope that you find our site to be user-friendly and easy to navigate and, once again, I appreciate you taking the time to visit DefendingOurHeroes.com.

Take care,

Nate Brown